CONNECT was present at the annual meeting of the Italian Society of Electronics!

Prof. Aldo Romani of IUNET-University of Bologna presented the CONNECT project in a session dedicated to ECSEL at the annual meeting of the Italian Society of Electronics in Naples, Italy, on June 22nd 2018. Representatives of the ECSEL JU and of the Italian national authority MIUR delivered talks on the strategies and support of ECSEL in the future.

The ECSEL session included the following talks:

– ECSEL Italy Presentation, Enrico Sangiorgi, University of Bologna;

– Smart Systems: new opportunities for Europe, Riccardo Groppo, IDEAS & MOTION, member of InSSight;

– ECSEL: 2018 calls and strategy for the future, Yves Gigase, ECSEL;

– MIUR support to ECSEL 2018, Aldo Covello, MIUR;

– The ECSEL project REACTION: Giuseppe Iannaccone, University of Pisa;

– The ECSEL project CONNECT: Aldo Romani, University of Bologna;

– How to increase the Italian participation to ECSEL, Round Table.

CONNECT at the Italian Society of Electronics-June 2018