16th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference

The paper entitled “A 200 MHz RF wireless power transfer receiver for implantable medical devices fully integrated in 130 nm CMOS”, by M. Potočný, M. Kováč, D. Arbet and V. Stopjaková, has been included in the proceedings of the 16th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference!

This paper deals with the design of a fully integrated RF power receiver operating at 200 MHz that is intended for inductively powered implantable medical devices. The main challenge in the design of such a system is the weak coupling between the transmitter and the receiver. This results in very low receiver input power. Further restrictions caused by the use of an on-chip receiver coil include the usable frequency band, which is limited by the coil self resonance frequency. The low quality of such coils also makes the common practice of using a parallel resonance circuit to boost the rectifier input voltage less effective, resulting in low input voltage for the rectifier. Therefore, a body biasing technique was used in the rectifier to make it more effective in such conditions. Tunable capacitors were included in the resonator to make the circuit adaptable to different input conditions. The receiver was designed in a standard 130 nm CMOS technology. The effects of input voltage, power, tuning voltage and load resistance on the receiver power conversion efficiency and output power are investigated.