Two papers at the 20th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications!

The paper entitled “Design of Droop Controllers for Converters in DC Microgrids Towards Reducing Bus Capacitance” by G. Liu, P. Mattavelli and S. Saggini, has been included in the proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications!
This paper firstly gives the design criterion of the output capacitance for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) converters. Then, the design of droop controllers are presented, so that the output capacitance can be reduced while the bus voltage is still kept in the allowable range during any transient. Since voltage-current ( V-I) and current-voltage ( I-V) droop control methods show different characteristics, separate design procedures are introduced for them. Finally, the proposed design methods are validated by means of experimental results performed on a dc microgrid prototype composed of two 3kW converters.

Furthermore, the paper entitled “Sequence-Decoupled Resonant Control of Three-Phase Grid-Interfacing Inverter for Local Voltage Support Under Unbalanced Load” by Y. Zhang, M. G. L. Roes, M. A. M. Hendrix, J. L. Duarte, H. Huisman and E. A. Lomonova, has also been included in the proceedings of the same conference!
This paper considers a three-phase four-wire grid-interfacing voltage-source inverter with local unbalanced and distorting loads. A sequence-decoupled resonant control strategy is proposed to support the local voltage on top of conventional active power regulation. The local voltage at the point of common connection, which is traditionally used for grid synchronization for distributed generators, is also used for sensing unbalanced and harmonic voltages. Therefore, measurements of load currents for unbalanced and harmonic compensation can be eliminated with the proposed approach.