Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The paper entitled “Analysis of BDMOS and DTMOS Current Mirrors in 130 nm CMOS Technology” by Matej Rakus, Viera Stopjakova, Daniel Arbet has been published at the Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering journal!

In this paper, an analysis of basic Current Mirror (CM) topologies was performed with a focus on comparison of conventional realization to Bulk-Driven (BD) and Dynamic-Threshold (DT) equivalents, in terms of main properties. These circuits were designed in 130 nm CMOS technology using the supply voltage of 0.6 V and laid out on a test-chip. Fabricated circuits were analyzed and their characteristics compared to the simulation results. The achieved results prove that these unconventional circuit design techniques are quite promising for contemporary ultra low-voltage analog Integrated Circuits (ICs).