IEEE Access journal

The paper entitled “A Methodology for Practical Design and Optimization of Class-E DC-DC Resonant Converters”, by A. Celentano, F. Pareschi, V. R. Gozalez-Diaz, R. Rovatti and G. Setti, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Access journal!. This paper discusses the advances in recently published papers of an innovative analytical approach for the design of a class-E resonant dc-dc converter has been first proposed and further extended to many other class-E converter topologies. Its peculiarity is to be dimensionless and based on the exact solution of the system of differential equations regulating the behavior of the circuit, ensuring very high precision and reliability with respect to all methodologies previously proposed by the state-of-the-art and based on the so-called sinusoidal approximation. This work reviews this methodology and improves it in a twofold way. On the one hand, the paper proposes alternative modeling for some devices (in particular the transformer), increasing both flexibility and generality, with the possibility to extend the application to more topologies and more working points. On the other hand, a new normalization is proposed, showing that the actual dimension of the design workspace is 2, and not 3 as assumed in the previous works. This has important consequences. As an example, the solution existence condition can be represented on a simple 2D plot, with the possibility to immediately check whether the optimal class-E condition can be ensured or not.