IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems

The paper entitled “Adaptive Power Management Unit for a Wireless Transceiver with an Integrated Wake-Up Receiver” by J. Bastl, M. Scholl, R. Wunderlich and S. Heinen has been published in the proceedings of the 27th IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems. This work presents an integrated power management unit (PMU) addressing the special requirements arising from the integration of wake-up receivers into conventional wireless transceivers. It realizes an ultra low power sleep state by establishing one single always-on power domain, whose generation circuitry features an adaptive current consumption dependent on the current state of operation. The proposed design was fabricated in a 130nm CMOS technology. In sleep state the proposed PMU consumes 15.2 µA resulting in a total consumption of 20.7 µA from a 1.4 V supply for the entire transceiver system. Additionally, an accelerated PMU start-up was implemented providing a faster system response after wake-up from sleep state.