IEEE Internet of Things Journal

The paper entitled “Dual-Band Store-and-Use System for RF Energy Harvesting with Off-the-Shelf DC/DC Converters”, by F. Moreno-Cruz, V. Toral-López, M. R. Cuevas, J. F. Salmerón, A. Rivadeneyra and D. P. Morales, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal! This work introduces a design, MSwitch, able to use off-the-shelf dc/dc converters for running a real and self-powered Internet of Things (IoT) application. MSwitch is an RF dual-band energy harvesting stage employing the store-and-use principle, that mixes efficiently and in a dynamic manner both inputs. This work proves an increase on the performance with respect to the single band case and to the most successful approaches found in the literature, achieving about 10% better efficiency and around 35% lower minimum power levels. Besides,  an analysis on the commercial dc/dc converters is carried out, characterizing them for ultra-low power conditions. Likewise, the state-of-the-art rectification circuits and commercial Schottky diodes are analyzed, searching the best performance under our RFEH conditions. Finally, the proposed designs are manufactured as a complete system and demonstrated its operation with an IoT concrete application.