Two papers at the IEEE Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2018!

Two papers have been included in the proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2018!

The first paper entitled “Micropower Design of an Energy Autonomous RF Tag for UWB Localization Applications”,  by D. Fabbri, M. Pizzotti, and A. Romani, presents a micropower management circuit suitable for powering wireless sensor nodes from extremely low levels of available power. As a case study, the work proposes a solution for RF energy harvesting for wireless powering of sensor nodes at distances as high as several meters.

The second paper entitled “Stability analysis of grid-connected converters with add-on voltage support functionality using repetitive control”, by Y. Zhang, , M. G. L. Roes, M. A. M. Hendrix, and J. L. Duarte, describes the architecture and the micropower design criteria of a battery-less, energy autonomous, individually addressable RF tag for UWB localization applications, with a focus on baseband circuitry. The tag includes a UHF rectifier, power conversion and management circuits, an addressable wake-up radio module, a microcontroller-based control unit, and circuits for UWB localization. The proposed circuit is suitable for UWB localization either by using passive backscattering of received UWB pulses, or by using active UWB pulses generators. Power for operation is scavenged from a modulated UHF carrier also used for addressing purposes. The circuit is implemented on discrete components in a 3.12 cm 2 PCB area. The circuit can wake-up from fully discharged states and operates at distances as high as 10.8 m from a 2W-ERP source in the UHF 865-868 MHz RFID band with a +1.8 dBi receiving antenna. The quiescent power consumption of the tag is 3.88 μW, and the average power consumption at an addressing and activation rate of one time per second is 4.7 μW. The effectiveness of UWB localization was tested in a localization system based on time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) estimations, consisting of multiple UWB readers and UHF transmitters.