IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

The paper entitled “Power-Based Droop Control in DC Microgrids Enabling Seamless Disconnection from Upstream Grids”, from CONNECT’s partner University of Padova has been accepted for publication at the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics!

This paper proposes a local power-based droop controller for distributed energy resource converters in dc microgrids that are connected to upstream grids by grid-interface converters. The controller can autonomously convert from power flow control to droop control, without any need of bus voltage variations detection schemes or communication with other microgrid components, which enables seamless transitions between these two modes of operation. Considering distributed energy resource converters employing the power-based droop control, the operation modes of a single converter and of the whole microgrid are defined and investigated herein. The experimental results from a laboratory-scale dc microgrid prototype are reported to show the final performances of the proposed power-based droop control.